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Geronimo Stilton the dragon prophecy by Elisabetta Dami .
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Review posted by Jittu Biju of 7-A.

Geronimo Stilton is the publisher of the Rodent's Gazette. One day he has to go to the Grand Opening. He had to do all the work of the Grand Opening. The Grand Opening was held in the museum of Natural History. After that weekend he had completed his work. He was so tired of the work. At that night the dragon of the rainbow came there to get him to the kingdom of fantasy. They needed his help. He was the twelfth knight of the kingdom of fantasy. The last dragon egg was stolen. If that egg was destroyed, dragons would become extinct forever! Then he and his friends went to find the stolen dragon egg. There was a battle between the silver dragons and the wicked witch Cackle. He won the battle. The egg hatched. Two baby dragons came out. Geronimo has restored peace in the Kingdom Of Fantasy. It was a truly amazing adventure.

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