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Dork diaries by Rachel Renée Russell.
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Review posted by Sania Sara Babu of 8-B.

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The main character in this story is NIKKI J MAXWELL. This is a diary written by Nikki, it belongs to her. In this diary she had written about all her happy moments and also her painful moments. She had a little sister, Brianna. All of a sudden they had to move from their old place. Nikki got admission in a new school. For many days she didn't have any friends at the school. And after some days she got three friends, Chloe, Zoey and Brandon. And there were some CCP girls ( cute, cool and popular) in the school. Their names were Mackenzie, Jessica and some other girls. Nikki didn't like them. And after some day Mackenzie's birthday party was going to be held at her house. She invited everyone in their class, but she didn't invite Nikki. And on that day Mackenzie's house was covered with bugs, then suddenly they called a Bug Exterminator. And that was Nikki's father. He took Nikki and Brianna with him. After reaching Mackenzie's house he said that you two girls sit in the van, but Brianna said she will also go with him, but he didn't allow. After some time Brianna said she wanted to go to toilet and Nikki said she should wait until dad comes. Then they went near the house and a lady opened the door and they said the matter, the lady allowed to use the toilet. Then Nikki heard the voice of Mackenzie so she realized that it was Mackenzie's house. She said her sister to come fast but she didn't. Her sister was afraid of tooth fairies, so Nikki suddenly said tooth fairy is coming she suddenly stepped out of the bathroom and she gave a kick on Mackenzie's knee and we ran into the van. Then it was all right. And there was an Art competition at their school. At that day Nikki took her painting and went to school but in the road her painting was broke. She sat their and cried. Then she went back to home. Her three friends somehow helped Nikki. And she won first prize 🏆 in the Art competition.

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