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Geronimo Stilton - The Hunt for the Golden Book by Elisabeta Dami.
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Review posted by Jittu Biju of 8-A.

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The story is about Geronimo Stilton's 10th anniversary of his book writing and the adventures journey he did to save it. One day Geronimo's grandfather William ask him to write a special book for his 10th anniversary. Geronimo thinks about for many time working on it. After doing the work he went to the bakery to eat something. When he was back his laptop was missing. It was stolen by someone and given fake send it to somewhere to repair. Geronimo goes to find his laptop with his friend 00K in the airport where it was going to fly in a plane. Geronimo looked in the plane and saw many laptops. After a big search Geronimo finds his laptop and go to the publishing house to which the plane was about to reach.Geronimo went to publish the book by jumping from the plane with a parachute right into the top of the publishing house. He published his book for the anniversary. He was already for the anniversary party with the book. Everyone liked the book and that's the golden book. I also liked it very much...

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