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My interest in this book is because of the the writer. He has written so many interesting story books. The interesting thing in this book is that the kindness showen by Zoe, the leading character....

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Over 500 fabulous facts

This book is published by Spider Books. It is about amazing facts from around the world. It contains a lot of facts about animals, humans, plants, etc. ...

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Junie B Jones smells something fishy

I really enjoyed reading this book. It's about pets and I love pets very much. This is a nice book....

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Captain underpants and the preposterous plight of the purple potty people

My favorite character in this book is George. He is very intelligent. This book is very funny with funny names. I like this book very much....

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Carrie the snow cap fairy

I like this story because in it one girl has magic power. It is very interesting to read....

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