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Mystery of the invisible thief

I like the book it. It is full of mystery stories. I like the first story "One hot summer's day". I like the character of Buster very much. It is full of fun and very interesting....

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Goldie the sunshine fairy

I love this book very much. It is about two children and their fairy adventures. The book has a fairy who controls a weather feather of sunshine. But when the evil Jack Frost gets the feather he...

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Tricky sneaky puzzle pictures

This is a very interesting puzzles book. It has a lot of exciting puzzles. I learnt a lot of new puzzles from this book....

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Illustrated essays for children

This book is a very good essay book and contains many essays. My favourite ones are: My school, My best friend, The library and My city....

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Story of Anjana and other stories

It is all about Hanuman, a character in the Ramayana, a religious book of the Hindus. In this book the story starts from when he was young. It is interesting to read. ...

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