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Famous Five: Five have plenty of fun

I have read the book it was interesting the book. And the characters in the book were traveling the places. It was joyful to read the book....

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Adventures of Tom sawyer

This is a story of a boy named Tom Sawyer who is smart and good looking and he has a small group of friends and he has an aunt named Polly. This is about his great adventures. I enjoyed this book a...

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Journey to the centre of the earth

This is a story of along ago. There was a boy named John. He went on a journey to the centre of the earth. It was an adventurous and dangerous journey. He meets interesting sea monsters and pirate...

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Sleeping beauty

It is the story of a girl who is treated badly by her step-mother....

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Goosebumps Series: Vampire breath

This is a fictional book series from the author R.L Stine. I like this book because at the end the protagonist of the book finds out that he himself is a vampire. ...

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