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Alexander The Great

Main characters:

Alexander the great was born on 356 BC. His father...

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The witches

In this story a child is trying to escape from a witch who is trying to make him a rat. It is a good story and very funny. The boy and his grandmother at last make the people understand that she is a...

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Geronimo Stilton - Save the white whale!

This story is about a famous mouse called Geronimo Stilton. He runs the newspaper called the Rodent's Gazette. This story is about an adventure of Geronimo. Geronimo needs a vacation! He had been...

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The laughing skull

In this story Ruskin Bond is telling about a skull which belongs to Susanna who had seven husbands . She was very rich and her seven husbands wanted her money, So they had to kill her. The skull...

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Creepela Von Cracklefur The thirteen ghost

This is the story of Creepla a friend of Geronimo Stilton. In this story she needs to make a book on ghosts. So she went to her grandfather and went to a castle to find ghosts. In the castle she...

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