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Five on a hike together

I have read a book "Five on a hike together". Its very interesting. It is adventurous and detective story. This story is written by Enid Blyton. They all went for hiking.One thief wants to pass...

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Dairy of wimpy kid

It is a very nice book. I liked it very much. The book is very interesting. It is the story of the sharing of room and the incidents that happen in the room....

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Junie B Jones is (almost) a flower girl

This a story of a small girl. Her name is Junie B Jones. She knows how to handle all situations also....

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Dairy of wimpy kid: Cabin fever

A hilarious book by Kinney which sarcastically represents clash of ideologies between the hero Greg, and his family. It is highly recommended to anyone with a highly sarcastic outlook to life....

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Harry potter and the goblet of fire

An another epic novel by J K Rowling and the continuation of the famous series Harry Potter. Author manages to keep the mysteries about Harry as a secret, in this we see the re-birth of the villain...

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