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Krishna and govardhan

This is story of Krishna. one day Krishna was sleeping. Everyone was dancing near his house and thanking Lord Indra. Krishna said it is not Indra it is govardhan who gives us good rain. Lord Indra...

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This is a very interesting and funny story about a rat and a burger. There is a boy in it called Burt. I enjoyed the book very much....

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It is a story of a kite. It's name is Parin. It is the adventure of a magic kite who is always eager to help all and bring smile on everyone's face. When he touches anyone the colour will...

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Story of my experiments with truth

It is a wonderful book which contains many details of the life of M.K.Gandhi who is known as the father of our nation . The interesting characters in this book are M.K.Gandhi, Kasturbai Gandhi,...

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See you around sam

I liked this book so much. It is the story of a boy named Sam. It is about who is acting like a ghost. It was very interesting to read....

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