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Waiting for the Mahatma

"Waiting for the Mahatma" is a novel written by R K Narayan which is very interesting to read. The story revolves around a 20 year old guy named Sriram who has lost both his father and mother at a...

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Early days

A good jungle book early days from Paro Anand. I like it very much. Mowgli is lucky he got this much good family, good brothers and sister and good friends. I will give it 5 stars. How much you will...

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Leonardo da Vinci; a man of great ideas

I loved this book very much. It is a about a great painter and inventor known as Leonardo da Vinci....

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Temple of the ruby of fire

I have read a book called "The temple of ruby fire". It is very interesting to read. It is an adventure story. I liked it very much. I was very happy to read it. I liked Geronimo Stilton as best...

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Swami and friends

I like this book very much because it is mostly containing childish adventures. The main characters in this book is Swaminathan, a 10 year old boy and life for him consists mainly of having...

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