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This book seems a little untidy but after you read it you will wonder why isn't this book so popular among children. This book written by David Williams is about a little girl called Zoe and she...

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Well loved fairy tales

It is a book with 22 fairy tales. I loved the story called "The elves and the shoe maker"....

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It is a story from the Mahabharatha. Karna is the main character. I liked this book very much....

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Magic tree house 17: Tonight on the titanic

Titanic was a huge ship like a castle on the sea. This story tells us about how the unsinkable one hit an iceberg and sank. The important characters are Jack and Annie. The story is very interesting...

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Bourne ultimatum

This is an adventurous and action packed novel. It is filled with suspense too. This is surely going to be a hit among Ludlum fans. At times the story becomes a little confusing, but it is mapped by...

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