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The Call Of The Wild

This is a story of a dog named Buck. When Buck is forced into the life of hardship as a sledge dog, he is shocked at the brutal treatment he receives from both the men and the dogs. But gradually he...

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Once Upon A Monsoon Time

"Once Upon A Monsoon Time" is Ruskin Bond's recollections of his childhood spent in India in which his father stands out as a central figure. Whether it is in the old palace by the Arabian...

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The complete adventures of charlie and mr willy wonka

Charlie bucket loves chocolate. And mr willy wonka, the most wondrous inventor in the world, is opening the gates of his amazing chocolate factory. Charlie needs just one golden ticket and mr...

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Detective stories 3

This is a thrilling book with many mysterious cases that is solved in mind blowing ways by the famous detective sherlock holmes and his trusted friend Dr watson. They solve many mystery cases with a...

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Show business

Critically ill, Bollywood superstar Ashok Banjara lies suspended between life and death in a Bombay hosiptal, a prisoner of the technicolour film that plays inside his head. As if for the first time,...

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