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Geronimo Stilton - The way of the samurai

In this story, Wild Willie and Geronimo were of to Japan in the search of a legendary ancient samurai scroll that had fallen into wrong hands and it was up them to track it down and save the day. But...

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Geronimo Stilton - Save the white whale!

In this book Geronimo needed a break so he invited his friend Petunia Pretty Paws to visit the bay of whales with him. But their trip got off the wrong way, and his relaxing vacation turned into a...

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Geronimo Stilton - Rumble in the jungle

Geronimo Stilton was off to the wildest part of the Brazil - the amazon jungle. He was on a hunt for the rare crystal treasure which was stolen by a native tribe in the the heart of the jungle. There...

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Grandmother's tale

The main characters are: Narayan (the narrator), Bala and Viswa
Grandmothers tale, one of Narayana's finest works, is the story of his great-grandmother who lived in the later period of the East...

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Geronimo Stilton : The treasure of Easter Island

In this book Thea Stilton Geronimo's sister goes for a treasure hunt. At Easter Island and gets lost. She sends Geronimo a letter. After getting the letter Geronimo goes to Easter Island with his...

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