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The quiz scores have been reset! Start building your scores again. All the best!
In order to hinder the quiz players from using Google or other means to find the correct anwsers, A TIMER HAS BEEN SET!
Now you get 20 seconds for each question. After the set time the page redirects you to the quiz homepage.

This quiz is played in sessions. In a session a maximum of 25 questions can be attempted. The final ranking is based on the number of questions attempted by a member and the number of correct answers given during the sessions played. Ranking can be improved by answering more number of questions correctly during a session.

1 Aneesh USA 10-C F3445 KV Adoor Shift 1 55 42 399
2 Sreenandan.C 8-B F3982 KV Adoor Shift 1 54 31 181
3 Jobin Varghese Jose 10-C F3480 KV Adoor Shift 1 10 9 87
4 Adarsh R Nair 8-B F3138 KV Adoor Shift 1 17 5 51
5 Gowtham Haby 7-B F3510 KV Adoor Shift 1 10 4 33
6 Jennifer Mary Jiji 10-A F4215 KV Adoor Shift 1 9 7 27
7 Anson B Vilson 7-A F3078 KV Adoor Shift 1 11 5 15
8 Kesiya Varghese 7-A S1768 KV Adoor Shift 2 17 4 4
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