Kerala Answers

Ans: Chera
(The Early Cheras are said to have spanned the period between the 4th century BCE to 5th century CE. The Later Cheras, also known as the Kulasekharas, were in power between the 8th and 12th century.)

Ans: Malappuram

Ans: Palakkad

Ans: Free Cancer Treatment Program
(In 2014, Kerala became the first state in India to offer free cancer treatment to the poor, via a program called Sukrutham.)

Ans: EMS Namboodiripad

Ans: Kalaripayattu

Ans: 1997

Ans: Punnamada

Ans: 14

Ans: Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

Ans: 1956

Ans: Periyar

Ans: 1498

Ans: Thiruvananthapuram

Ans: Karnataka

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