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1. You have to register to attempt the quiz. If you have not already registered, Click here to Register. After registering your name you must wait for the librarian to approve your registration. Once it is approved, you can start attempting the quiz.
2. You can attempt the quiz only 10 times.
3. Each time you will be given 20 questions. You will earn 10 marks for a correct answer, but lose 5 marks for a wrong answer. There is also a consolation mark of 1 for each question attempted.
4. Once your 10 attempts are over, you can play again by resetting your score. That way you can keep on trying to better your scores.

IMPORTANT TIP: Practice quiz questions by playing as guest. It will not submit your scores, but you will get familiar with the questions. Click here to play quiz as guest

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Ashwin P, 8-C

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Amila T, 10-A, KV Adoor Shift 1 (amilathajudeen)
Prartdhana Prakash, 9-C, KV Adoor Shift 2 (prartdhana12)
A Sabarijith, 8-B, KV Adoor Shift 2 (22092007)
Deviparvathy M, 10-A, KV Adoor Shift 2 (deviparvathy)
Lakshmi Deepa, 7-A, KV Adoor Shift 2 (deepa)
Sara Robin Baby, 10-B, KV Adoor Shift 2 (sararobinbaby04)
Nandita Manoj, 7-A, KV Adoor Shift 2 (nanditamanoj)
Akshita Ramesh, 7-B, KV Adoor Shift 2 (akshita)
Mayookha M, 6-A, KV Adoor Shift 2 (mayookha)
Gowri G, 10-A, KV Adoor Shift 2 (gowrig)

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