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Anagha Anil says: "I recommend all the readers who are following this website to read (1) Friends forever by Danielle steel. It is about five children Gabby, Andy, Izzie, Billy and Sean who become best friends forever. This book shares a lot about how life goes beyond our imagination, how the turning points makes difference in ones behavior and so on. And this is really good for teenagers who love reading books. I loved it very much. (2) French lover by Taslima nasrin. This story is about Neelanjana, a Calcutta woman who has recently been married to an NRI named Kishenlal from another community and has moved to Paris. She finds her new life suffocating and yearns to escape from this loveless marriages. Finally she leaves the home of Kishenlal and her life undergoes an unbelievable transformation. She gets into relationships, first with another woman and then with a French man. In her quest for love, she explores life and liberation. But as her journey into the life proceeds, she realizes is that this is not all she wants from life, that there is more to be discovered. French Lover tries to trace this trail of Self Discovery. These two books are available in our library (KV Adoor) in English fictions for seniors section. Hope you will all read it. " (11/11/2016).
Parvathy J B says: "I suggest that the library should include some more horror stories written by R L Stine. Also the library should have separate sections for the horror stories, novels, fictions and poems for the students for easy reference. I thank all the members who are behind for creating this website as it is really useful for students for expressing their ideas. " (11/8/2016).
Anagha Anil says: "I suggest that the library should include the books written by Chetan Bhagat like two states, one night at the call center, revolution 2020, half girlfriend, etc. I am suggesting this because these all novels contain simple English and it makes the readers easy to understand the concept." (11/5/2016).
Priyanshu K Meena says: "The best thing in the library is books and quiz and I like both. But I like Geronimo Stilton books most." (8/4/2016).
Abhiram says: "The library quiz programme is nice. It makes your intelligence and gk grow." (7/18/2016).