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Yashas says: "why is this showing Server Error 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed." (9/2/2017).
Admin replied: "This happens when you go to the previous page after playing a quiz or after checking ranklist. It is because that session has expired. You will have to take a new quiz. :)"
Devagayathri R says: "There should have some more inspirational books" (7/6/2017).
Parvathy J B says: "I request all to read the Valkyries; Like the flowing river; the zahir; The witch of Portobello; The devil and miss prym; The fifth mountain; Eleventh minute; Brida etc..........written by Paulo Coelho these books take the reader to an imaginary world. Those who once read his books will read all his books. All his books have one or another specialty. I request our most respected librarian Jiji sir to please check whether any of his book is missing from the library. I had only read The alchemist and Pilgrimage as a reader I want to read all his books because these two books were extraordinary and I am sure that all his books will be amazing. Alchemist and pilgrimage were extraordinary books I am out of words to express how these books create a better understanding amount the readers. If you are in search of Good books please read and enjoy the books of Paulo Coelho. I thank our respected librarian Jiji sir because he is the one who is behind in crating this web site for expressing our views." (11/30/2016).
Parvathy J B says: "I request all to read the books The Valkyries like the flowing rivers by the river Piedra I sat down and swept etc..... Written by Paulo Coelho " (11/28/2016).
Parvathy J B says: "I am very thankful to Anagha Anil of class 9-C because I had read the book friend forever recommended by her. It was a great experience reading it. Also through this comment I would like to recommend all to read the book alchemist and also chicken soup and teen talks relations ship and also pilgrimage written by Paulo Coelho. All should read the books written by Paulo Coelho and should present the review to the assembly." (11/16/2016).
Admin replied: "Thank you, Parvathy, for recommending these good books. A good gesture that other avid readers can follow."