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Goosebumps - Monster Blood by R L Stine.
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Review posted by Arundhathy Anilkumar of 7-A.

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There was a boy named Evan and he had a dog named Trigger. His parents were going to Atlanta in search of a new house. So they leave him at his grand aunt Kathryn's house. He does not like his aunt because she is so weird. And she is also deaf. There he made a friend named Andy. When they went to a toy store he found in the store a can named monster blood. The monster blood keeps growing. His aunt has a cat named Sarabeth. His dog ate the monster blood. The monster blood made the dog grow. Then he realized that monster blood was alive! The monster blood chase Evan and Andy. And Kathryn's cat transforms to a evil human. The cat captures Evan, Andy and Kathryn and revealed that she made the monster blood grow by telling spells.

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