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Sleeping beauty

It is the story of a girl who is treated badly by her step-mother....

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Diary of a wimpy kid: The third wheel

The wimpy kid has always been one of the most appealing book for kids all around the globe. The latest book of wimpy kid is 'The third wheel'. It's about boys how they want girls to be...

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Goosebumps Series: Vampire breath

This is a fictional book series from the author R.L Stine. I like this book because at the end the protagonist of the book finds out that he himself is a vampire....

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Gulliver's travel

This is the story of a man who gets into trouble in a forest. He missed his ship. He was a giant and in this forest there is small humans. The little men help the giant to make the ship....

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Over 500 incredible facts

This book is so interesting.I love all the facts. I like a fact about a dog killed by a meteor in 1911 in Egypt...

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