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4.50 From Paddington

In this book, a woman is murdered on a train. When Miss Marple telephones her friend Lucy Eyelesbarrow and asks her to go undercover to investigate, Lucy quickly accepts the challenge. The body was...

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A Tiger For Malgudi

In this book, Raja(a character ) leaves his home in the Mempi hills only to find he is captured and made to perform a circus and on a film set. Eventually he escapes, only to be recaptured but this...

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Destination Unknown

This is a very interesting book that will make us curious about what will happen next. In this book, it is written that famous scientists from around the world are disappearing and nobody knows why....

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Diary of a wimpy kid - The Ugly Truth

This book is very interesting and funny. It is about a boy named'GREG' who is main character of this book. In this,Greg has to deal with some responsibilities and he is in a hurry to grow up....

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Enchanted World : Melody and the Gemini Locket

Through the clouds at top of the Faraway Tree lie the Lands of the Enchanted World. Talon the evil troll tries to steal the magical Talismans that link the land to the tree. In the Land of Doubles...

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